//Life insurance claims for cyclone Amphan

Life insurance claims for cyclone Amphan

In wake of the disastrous effects of the cyclone Amphan to both life and property, the IRDAI has issued guidelines to the heads of life insurance companies to extend all possible facilities and for quick and timely settlement of life insurance claims by victims near and dear ones.

Key actions with regards to both the appointments of officers to facilitate smooth working with state governments to identify victims, recording of reported claims as well as guidance to deal with situations that might warrant exceptions to the usual process are listed below:

1.    Senior officer has been asked to be appointed by the insurance companies at a nodal officer level in affected state to work with state administration to identify of policyholders of the victims of the cyclone.

2.   Quick and prompt registration of all claims and as early as possible settlement of claims has been directed.

3.    In case the body of the deceased is not found, and death certificate becomes an issue for claiming the life insurance, companies have been advised to follow the processes as in the case of 2015 Chennai floods.

4.    A simple procedure (including relaxations in the usual requirements) to expedite claims is asked to be made for settlement by companies.

5.     Offices/special camps detailed have been asked to made public in the press, electronic media and such, to ease filing of claims.

6.    In light of COVID-19 Life Insurers are advised to encourage and motivate their policyholders/claimants to choose electronic modes wherever possible filing claims

7.    In case of physical filing sanitation measures need to follow and staff has been advised to keep in hindsight the delicate nature of this situation.

Read the original announcement at: https://www.irdai.gov.in/ADMINCMS/cms/frmGuidelines_Layout.aspx?page=PageNo4135