//Tower of London

Tower of London

London, The UK

The Tower of London is a historic palace still located on the northern banks of the River Thames. It was constructed during early 1070 as a fortress and was later used for guarding royal possessions during invasions. This tower was also used as an imprisonment site for multiple rivals.

It has a dark history that still haunts the people visiting it. In 1471 Henry VI was murdered within this tower. The children of his rival Edward IV laser disappeared in 1483. Later their skeletons were unearthed and rediscovered during the year 1674. The palace is protected by its loyal guards known as the Yeoman Warders. They have been working for generations and have been guarding the tower permanently. They are still maintaining their role as a God by protecting the visitors and holding the keys for the Tower.

By purchasing special tickets, you can view the ceremony of keys every day during morning and evening. This ceremony involves unlocking and locking the tower for the visitors.

What currency is used in London?

London follows the same currency system as the UK. They follow the pound currency system.

What type of electricity plugs are used in London?

The electricity plugs used in London come along with 3-pin plugs with a supply voltage of 230V.

What are the area code for London and the country code for the UK?

Area code for London: 020

Country code for the UK: +44

Is the public system available in London?

The Public Transportation system in London is well developed and underground, including dockland light Railway, bus services, trains, and Trams.