Cairo, Egypt

The Pyramids located in Cairo, Egypt, are one of the seven wonders of the world. There are multiple pyramids located all over the region of Cairo, and most of them were the tombs for the pharaohs and their consorts. These pyramids were constructed during various periods, and some of them date back to the first dynasty. These structures were introduced to the world by dressed masonry and are considered one of the oldest monuments present in history. Among these pyramids, the Giza pyramids have gained more importance due to their size and architecture. Most of these pyramids are made up of limestone blocks that were transported through the Nile river.

These Pyramids are believed to be the indication of primordial mounds from which the Earth was created. The usage of limestone provides a brilliant appearance even while being viewed from a distance. If you are short on time, you can visit the Giza pyramid alone. But to look at the Cairo museum combined with other Pyramids, you need a whole day.

What currency is used in Cairo?

Cairo uses the same currency as in Egypt, called the Pound (EGP). It is also called the guineh.

What type of electricity plugs are used in Cairo?

Both Egypt and Cairo use the type C and type F electricity plugs with a 220 V supply voltage.

What is the area code for Cairo and the country code for Egypt?

Area code for Cairo: 618

Country code for Egypt: +20

Is the public system available in Cairo?

Cairo has a well-developed public Transportation system that includes roads, buses, metro, taxis, and Tram.