Athens, Greece

Parthenon is one of the famous temples in Greece that expresses the history of their gods and goddesses. This former temple was constructed to please their goddess Athena, the intellectual daughter of Zeus. It is one of the famous buildings that express Greece’s culture and architectural value during 432 BC. This classical structure has faced multiple invasions and has been standing until now. Multiple Restoration projects have been placed upon this temple to restore its original beauty. Most of the sculptures present within the temple were removed. Currently, they are surviving in the British Museum of London. They are also present in other museums like the Louvre and the National Museum of Denmark.

The temple was designed with nearly 92 metopes placed throughout the column. While some were destroyed, the remaining metopes still stand, indicating the strength of this valuable architecture. Both local and international tourists can visit this famous temple by pre-booking their tickets.

What currency is used in Athens?

The currency used in Athens is the same as the currency of Greece. They for the Euro currency system.

What type of electricity plugs are used in Athens?

In Athens, they use two types of plugs. They include type C and type F plugs.

What is the area code for and country code for the?

Area code for Athens: 21

Country code for Greece: +30

Is the public system available in Athens?

The quickest way of moving around Athens is through the Metro. However, there are also other sources of transportation like buses, trolleybuses, and suburban railways.