//Health insurance policy renewal after 65

Health insurance policy renewal after 65

Can your existing health insurance policy be denied when you cross the age of 65?

Health insurances are required to allow in ordinary cases that they offer insurance policies to people who are 65 years old or less.

Once a policy is issued by the insurance company (for example you have crossed the 65 years of age limit) the company cannot deny you the policy for your age even if it is beyond 65 years. This only applies if you have renewed your policy regularly without any breaks.

What does the law regarding age of health insurance read?

12. Entry and Exit Age

  1. Except as provided for in regulation 17(i), all health insurance policies shall ordinarily provide for an entry age of at least up to 65 years
  2. Except travel insurance products, personal accident products and Pilot Products referred to in Regulation 2(i) (l) herein, once a proposal is accepted and a policy is issued which is thereafter renewed periodically without any break, further renewal shall not be denied on grounds of the age of the insured.

This renewal rules do not apply to health insurances offered for travel or personal accidents though.  

Accessed 23 May 2020