//Fake Degree Cases and Judgment

Fake Degree Cases and Judgment

For dedicated professionals who have earned degrees the right way, having their credentials on their resume is a great way to earn employment, raises, and other compensation packages throughout their career.  People who haven’t earned a degree have added information falsely to their resumes.  This can be devastating for co-workers or bosses who have put the time and money into raining only to find that they are not qualified. 

India has cracked down on these offenses and is now giving strict punishments in an attempt to thwart this problem.  In a recent case, an Indian man faked having a PhD.  This allowed him to gain employment that he was not qualified for and beat out other qualified candidates.  The man was sentenced to 3 years in jail and he lost his job.  This will also be on his record into the future.

If there are any concerns about a candidate or co-worker having a fake degree, the first step would be to collect evidence and then contact the appropriate university.  If they are indeed using fake credentials, you can start by filing Police Complaints U/s 468 and 471 to start the official police investigation.  It is also recommended to contact the appropriate company or department to let them know what you have found. 

By enforcing strict penalties and performing checks on applicants, India is ensuring that their workforce is strong and truthful on their resumes.  This will allow the most qualified to earn the position and have all applicants start on the same level.