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Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC, USA

Lincoln Memorial is one of the famous tourist spots in Washington DC. It was built to honor the memory of the 16th president of the United States, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. The memorial was built based upon the Neoclassical Temple design and was dedicated to the former president during 1922. Ever since then, this memorial has been a tourist spot visited by both locals and international visitors. The building has a beautiful sculpture of Abraham Lincoln in a sitting position. It also has some of his famous speeches being inscribed in the limestone. The memorial has also hosted other famous public speeches and race relations. It holds sentimental value among the locals and is open all through the year.

The entire structure is made with Yule marble extracted from Colorado. It also has 36 columns indicating the number of states available during President Abraham Lincoln’s ruling period. Visiting this memorial can improve a person’s knowledge of the history of the USA.

What currency is used in Washington DC?

The currency used in Washington DC follows the American currency system of dollars. Locally it is known as Potomac.

What type of electricity plugs are used in Washington DC?

All the power sockets within Washington DC offer a 120 voltage. It uses type A and type B power plugs.

What is the area code for Washington DC and country code for the USA?

Area code for Washington DC: +202

Country code for the USA: +1

Is the public system available in Washington DC?

Washington DC has a public transportation system in the form of metro trains. Both tourists and local people can use this form of transportation.