//Lazienki Palace

Lazienki Palace

Warsaw, Poland

The Lazienki palace, which is popularly known as the palace on the isle or the baths palace, is one of the largest parks within Warsaw. So by covering nearly 76 hectares in the central city, this property has existed for centuries. Unfortunately, the German invasion resulted in a lot of damages to the interior of the Palace, which was later restored. The interior part of the palace is decorated with Dutch blue tiles and other architectural paintings. This palace is the central location for multiple events and is styled based upon a classic English structure.

The garden is designed based upon a classical English background. The palace is located on an artificial island that splits up the lake into the North and South parts. Beautiful bridges are constructed to connect the island with the park.

This palace is designed based upon Polish architecture, and it has survived the second world war. Visiting tickets can be pre-booked through online portals, and there are also tickets available for the amphitheater.

What currency is used in Warsaw?

Warsaw uses the Poland currency system called the Polish Zloty.

What type of electricity plugs are used in Warsaw?

Warsaw allows both type C and type E electricity plugs. They are advanced and allow 230 V of electricity.

What are the area code for Warsaw and the country code for Poland?

Area code for Warsaw: 574

Country code for Poland: +48

Is the public system available in Warsaw?

Yes, Warsaw has a well-developed public transportation system. They include the Tram, bus, and metro train system.