italian dish


Lasagna or Lasagne is probably the oldest variety of Pasta.

Main Ingredients:

  • Durum wheat ( or pasta wheat)
  •  ground meat
  •  cheese.

Nutritional Value:

Serving size:- 1 ( about 385g)

Calories- One serving of Lasagna contains 602 calories.

Fat- Total fat of 32 g, saturated fat 15g, and trans fat 0.3g

Cholesterol- 166g of cholesterol

Carbohydrates- 35 g of carbohydrates

Protein- A total 44g of protein

How to serve Lasagna?

 Lasagna is made of thin and flat pasta layers, filled with ground meat and other vegetables, mixed with pasta sauce, cheese, spices, oregano, basil topped with mozzarella cheese. Authentically, it’s a baked dish.

Typically, it’s taken in breakfast or brunch, also as an evening snack. You can even take it as your dinner too. It is supposed to be served hot, cut into square pieces.

History and Origin:

Lasagna actually originated in Ancient Greece. Then Italy modified it and claimed that it belonged to them. Lasagna or Lasagne came from the word “Laganon” which was probably the first Pasta. Laganon was not made in the Italian Lasagna way. It used to be made with flat dough strips and sauce.

There is so much conflict about who first invented Lasagna. British researchers found a cookbook from the 1390s and claimed Lasagna belonged to them.


There are many varieties of Lasagna nowadays. Lasagnette, a type of ribbon pasta, is one of them. It’s narrower. Lasagnotte is another variety. It’s longer. You can replace Lasagna with Spaghetti as well. It’s a long, thin and cylindrical Pasta.

Now, there are more serving options of Lasagna. Most of the time, it’s made with grown meat or pork, but veg Lasagna is also very popular.