korean dish


Kimchi is a Korean dish made of fermented vegetables. It is a very common food item in the Korean cuisine and is sometimes used with soups and stews.

Main Ingredients:

  • Salted and fermented vegetables, including Napa cabbage ( a type of Chinese cabbage) and Korean radish

Nutritional Facts:

Servings- one cup

Calories- One cup of kimchi contains 23 calories.

Protein- 1 g of protein

Fat- Less than 1 g of fat

Carbohydrates- 4 g of carbohydrates

Fiber- 2 g of fiber

Sugar- 2 g sugar

History and origin:

 In Korea, fermented vegetables have been eaten for 3000 years. In previous times, Koreans would die of starvation during cold winters. Then they used to ferment and store vegetables. Nowadays, kimchi has become a staple in Korea, but in the traditional version, kimchi doesn’t contain garlic or chili paper as of now. In 2008, a modified version of kimchi, Which contains extra vitamins and low calories, was made by some South Korean scientists, named “space kimchi” to take it to an astronaut.

How to serve?

You can compare kimchi with Indian pickles. In Kimchi, you can feel sour, tangy, salty, spicy; every taste. Kimchi contains Napa cabbage or Korean radish along with Ginger, Garlic, Fish sauce, shrimp paste, or for vegan version miso. They used to be fermented with chili flakes and scallions.

You can have kimchi with almost everything. You can add some kimchi to your pancake batter. It will add some more crunch. You can add kimchi to any tomato base recipe to add more flavor. Moreover, you can have it as it is.


Some variations are Baechu-kimchi, baek-kimchi, dongchimi, soekbakji, pa-kimchi, yeolmu-kimchi, kkakdugi.