//Jollof rice and egusi soup
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Jollof rice and egusi soup

Jollof rice is one of the common dishes from West Africa. They are usually combined with Egusi soup in most households.

Main ingredients

  • Rice
  • Tomato
  • Vegetables
  • Onion
  • Meat
  • Spices
  • Egusi soup ( Egusi seed and oil)

Nutritional value

  • Carbohydrate – Each serving of Jollof rice with Egusi soup contains 33 g of carbohydrate through the rice and meat.
  • Cholesterol – Each serving of Jollof rice with Egusi soup contains 32 mg of cholesterol.
  • Fat – Each serving of Jollof rice with Egusi soup contains 30 g of fat. The fat content is more in the soup. They also contain iron, potassium, and Calcium.


Jollof rice has been non-existent for a long time. The proof of origins is available from 1300 during the Wolof empire. People consume this rice with Egusi soup for more strength and agility. It is considered to be the traditional dish of West Africa.

How to serve them?

You can also serve the Jollof rice and dry meat items along with fresh salad for a good meal. They are served as a main course dish. They are often prepared for lunch and dinner. They can be consumed alone or can be consumed with curd or curry.


Most cuisine experts have introduced their version of this dish. Some of the common varieties available include Nigerian Jollof and Ghanaian Jollof. The Ghanaian Jollof is best when served with Shito pepper. People all over the world have celebrated ‘ World Jollof day’ on 22nd August since 2015.