//Duomo di Firenze

Duomo di Firenze

Florence, Italy

The Duomo di Firenze popularly known as the Florence cathedral, is quite famous in Italy. This cathedral was constructed from 1296 to 1436 with a beautiful dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. The outer part of the Basilica is made with polychrome marble panels. They are available in multiple shades of green and pink to provide a gothic look. This complex includes three other buildings called the piazza del duomo, baptistery, and Giotto’s campanile. This cathedral is one of the major tourist attractions in the Florence region, and the dome was considered one of the largest until the buildings of the modern era began to surface. This dome has acted as the resting place for many bishops and personalities, including Brunelleschi.

The interior of the building is filled with the decorations and art forms like the last judgment, fresco paintings, and divine comedy. The colossal clock is placed above the main door with intricate details.

What currency is used in Florence?

As a member of the European Union, Italy follows the Euro currency system. Therefore, the same is used in Florence.

What type of electricity plugs are used in Italy?

Italy and Florence use the advanced type C, F, and L-based electricity plugs with a 230 V supply.

What is the area code for Florence and the country code for Italy?

Area code for Florence: 843

Country code for Italy: +39

Is the public system available in Florence?

Florence does have a public transportation system like the bus. But visitors can cover the entire city on foot within 30 minutes.