//Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne, Germany

The Cologne cathedral is one of the historical cathedral churches of Saint Peter located in Germany. This Church is well known for its Gothic architecture. The Archbishop of Cologne controls it. It was declared a heritage site in 1996 and has been one of Germany’s most famous tourist spots ever since then. The initial construction of this Church was initiated in 1248, but due to multiple inventions, it was completed only in 1880. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of the art and architecture has made this church quite famous among tourists.

The twin towers standing at the height of 157 meters are the major point of attraction for this Church and the architecture. It was considered to be one of the tallest structures in the history of churches during its completion. The church also has other attractive features like the gold shrine of the Three Kings. The cathedral can be booked for tickets in advance.

What currency is used in Cologne?

Germany uses a Euro-based currency system. So, Cologne also follows the same.

What type of electricity plugs are used in Cologne?

Cologne uses both type C and type F-based plugs with 230 V.

What is the area code for Cologne and the country code for Germany?

Area code for Cologne: 221

Country code for Germany: +49

Is the public system available in Cologne?

Cologne has an advanced public transport system that includes taxis, cars, and bicycle hires. The other sightseeing locations can be visited by foot since the area of coverage is less.

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