//Engine and Gear Box Protection add-on to private car insurance 2019-20- Bharti AXA

Engine and Gear Box Protection add-on to private car insurance 2019-20- Bharti AXA

Smart Drive Private Car Stand-Alone Own Damage Insurance Add-on – Engine & Gear Box Protection Cover (from Bharti AXA General Insurance Company)

Scope of Cover: Subject otherwise to the terms, exceptions, conditions and limitations of this Policy, in consideration of payment of an additional premium by the Insured, it is hereby agreed and understood that notwithstanding any terms contrary under the Policy, this Policy extends to cover the consequential damage to the internal parts of the Engine & Gear Box of the Insured Vehicle arising out of water ingression and/or leakage of lubricating oil following damage to Engine/Gear box due to Accidental means.

This Add-on indemnifies repair charges and/or replacement charges in respect of the following:

  1. Internal parts/items of the Engine like:
  2. Engine Block, Crank Shaft and its bearings,
  3. Connecting Rods, Piston Set,
  4. Piston Rings, Cylinder Head,
  5. Cam Shaft and its bearings,
  6. Inlet and Exhaust Valve, Valve Seats,
  7. Gasket, Engine Oil,
  8. Oil Seals,
  9. Sealant and Packing Kits,
  10. Oil Pump, nuts and bolts
  11. Internal parts/items of the Gear Box like:
    1. Input Shaft, Main Shaft,
    1. Counter Shaft,
    1. Drive Gear,
    1. Shifter Shafts,
    1. Fork, Synchronizer Rings,
    1. Oil Seals and Packing Kits plus,
    1. Gear Oil,
    1. Gasket
  12. Associated labour charges in connection with the above including overhaul of the damaged engine and gear box wherever required.

For detail and policy wording as listed on IRDAI check here

Smart Drive Private Car Stand-Alone Own Damage Insurance

This primary insurance policy is designed to provide protection from loss or damage to the private car of the person who buys the insurance for the conditions listed below.

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